Interpreting from one language to another is rife with invisible pitfalls. Even the most apparently simple of words can carry with it a host of ambiguities.

Rely on the professionals to find the right words. It is best to leave the clever stuff to the professionals.

Language isn't just words stuck together. It means intellectually and emotionally a million different things. Language is more like a mosaic, not a series of dictionary definitions.

Bigmouth interpreters relay meaning but also emphasis, hesitation, ambiguity, humour, and all features of any speech. The meaning and the feeling must be there. It's a bit like acting. It's not just what is said but also how it is said. We get the message across whatever subject we are working on.

The decisions taken in translating one person's speech can affect the whole tenor of a debate. We deal with vital statements of the utmost sensitivity.

Established in 1996 we are a small, personal firm. We take care to understand your business.

Bigmouth Interpreting works with a database of globetrotting freelance interpreters. It is an experienced team of trusted colleagues. All interpreters keep abreast of international developments.




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